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100% ART

100% ART

Talents, “Teckne” and love for the Beauty.

(by Bryan Kazzaniga)


Manuela Bramati, Manu Brahama y Bramati, Estudio, MyOld, Elah Abraham, are all the different names which under them the Italian artist Manuela Bramati is known. She has achieved excellent results during her career, continuing to explore and confront herself with the major artistic disciplines

Graphic and figurative talent, visual designer often associated with the most avant-garde pictorial currents, designer by profession, she often allows herself to escape in the musical field (strong of a classical preparation for the piano) and forays into dance, mostly ethnic dances, duende dance, fusion, in the dance companies “Ondakini”, “Folie Berbère” and “Gipsy Monday”



A true Performer who, thanks to the instinctive naturalness of her gestures, characterizes every artistic field in which she engages with an exclusive and personal touch.

A forge of ideas, united by the love for Beauty and the urgent need to externalize a concept, a moment, a feeling, using each time the visual, expressive, choreuretic, audiovisual, musical communication techniques most suitable for the sole purpose of enriching the spirit of those who give birth to and produce them: itself. But not an end in themselves, but with the hope of shooting an arrow towards an “archetypal” and objective understanding that aims at an elite circle of users sensitive to concepts, references, demands and quotations, of a high and illustrious range.

Her activity never intent to settle on the trade of her works, but on the simple creation for the taste of Beauty in relation to the different forms that it can take.

Polyhedral, versatile, elastic, flexible are the synonyms to outline its eclectic personality.

I have often used his “tekne” for the covers of my music albums, for my image and related posters and concert posters etc. and to have me portrayed with the ancient technique of oil colors on canvas as shown in the gallery “MyOld a Family Portrait”. (www.myold.it)

I recently produced two albums of music performed by Manuela under the pseudonym of Elah Abraham, one entitled “Fatwa” and the second title “Stronger” present on all music streaming platforms and the third ” Sacrifice”.

Bryan Kazzaniga

CryptoTextures 2021-2022

Digital Art 2021 / 2022


Vinilic Painting



Vinilic Painting


The “Phenomenic Transparency Fresco”

Digital Art 2021/2022

    Real Fesco in Villa  cm (600 x 300)

Technique:  “a secco” painting (with a fresco pigments) milk & vinyl, quick-slaked lime, marble dust and Ticino sand, plaster.

The artwork won the first prize of a competition held by the Concorezzo municipality, in the 1982, for the refurbishment of the city council room, in the Neoclassical building of Villa Zoia (XVI Century). Thus, the request was to compose a work capable of representing: the political battles, the multiplicity of thoughts, respect between the factions and the civic sense of citizens. Conceptually, the intention was to work on the dualistic interaction between the multiplicity and unity of the political parties, apparently divided but with the same aim; giving to the city the best and prosperous future.The technique I used was “a secco” painting (with a fresco pigments) with a drawing is based on the golden ratio, in order to maintain the balance of proportions with the architecture of the Villa, with the intention to suggest a unitariety, corporating and scorporating the drawing perception.The colors instead, they represent the difference between the political views, were applied following the rules of the Johannes Itten’s colors circle and the logic coming out the visual perception theories by the psychologist Fabio Metelli of the University of Padua (Italy) about the “Phenomenic Transparency”, (an example few years after: the flooring and the ceiling of the European Council Hall in Brussels) also were fundamental the perception logics of two of my teachers at the “Polytechnic School of Design of Nino di Salvatore” in Milan as Bruno Munari and Augusto Garau.

Preparatory sketch

Preparatory sketch

Golden Section

Who would not want to have an old portrait of ‘ancestor

of the family to be exhibited  with pride in his gallery?

Portraits oil on canvas

standard size cm (60×70)

Digital Self Portrait


Vinilic Colours cm (50×70)

Coming Soon!

     MyOld Fake Art  

During 1982 she won a competition to fresco a wall of a historic villa in a municipality of Brianza and has works deposited in the Serrone Museum of the Royal Villa in Monza (donated to the gallery by the artist invited to participate in a collective of emerging artists) ( “Introspection” and “Happiness)”.

Multiple awards also from the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the DIME center in the field of advertising and ceramic decoration.

Elegible for the Luxemburg Art Prize.

Professor at the European Institute of Design IED, at Enaip Lombardia and at Noesis Milan.

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